Architect of your elegance

Created from a true passion for fashion and elegance, Tailleur Premium Paris offers exclusive products manufactured in the greatest tradition of Maitre-Tailors. Lionel Da Costa was already dreaming about this when he moved from Lanvin, the oldest French Maison de Couture, where he sharpened his expertise for 9 years.

In a world of standardized ready-to-wear fashion, where prices fluctuate not under the influence of quality but marketing, Lionel Da Costa wanted to meet a real need for customization, quality and traditional skills within a reasonable cost. In 2010, Tailleur Premium Paris was born. The concept of Tailleur Premium Paris meets a great success and joined the prestigious drapery Holland & Sherry. The possibilities are unlimited as far as the choices of fabrics, and the customization options are endless.

Tailleur Premium Paris realizes extremely varied sets or mismatched pieces, and can cover from a 25 year-old lady to 50 year-old gentleman; from the dandy style to more casual outfits.

From the Salons in “art deco” style to the selection of the finest materials, the Maison has surrounded itself with successful top teams, partners and workshops. As it is claimed here, excellence, handmade and respect for every morphology and every style is the issue.

Tailleur Premium Paris also handpicked a wide range of exceptional accessories (leather goods, belts, ties, cufflinks, knitwear, shoes), and offers a complete wardrobe to men AND women.

Trained very early in Italy in men’s clothing, he quickly passed his degree in Tailoring. Soon, he has been recognized by the profession for his master’s hand. The Maestro then worked for the greatest names of Couture, CERRUTI and LANVIN, before sharing with us his unequaled talent.

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