Step by step, we need an average of 70 hours of handmade work to achieve excellence. Each suit has a unique pattern.

It all starts with the arrival of our customer. After listening to her desires, we present her with a vast range of fabrics which vary according to their weight, texture and style.
We choose with her the most adequate.

Then the Master-tailor designs the boss, makes the cut and organizes its realization with our specialized team.

The essential steps in the creation of a bespoke suit, in accordance with the state of the art, succeed one another. The taking of sewing measurements arises as a decisive phase, for it makes it possible to best respect to the morphology of our client.

The costume is initially defined in the form of a “first model” consisting of a canvas, from which a first fitting can be made. From this model and according to the parameters collected by the Master tailor, a pattern is created. It then precedes the “cut”.

Once the fabric is cut, the dresser adds everything necessary to make each piece (jacket, trousers …). The tailor then entrusts to the apieceur the piece, to have the sides and sleeves built. Once the second fit takes place, the Master tailor will define the line to be given to the garment by adjusting the final details on the trousers and the jacket. The assembly is then carried out, with the definitive seams.

Finally, the finisher intervenes for the folding of the linings and buttonholes by hand.
The last step is, of course, the final fitting. The boss is finally appointed, dated and kept in complete confidentiality; It may then be adapted to the morphological changes of the client.


Shirt 100% Egyptian cotton

Starting at 650€

Jacket, Blazer

Starting at 4 250€

2 piece Suit

Starting at 5 500€


Starting at 6 300€

Tailor’s Coat

Starting at 5 600€

* Fabric: Loro Piana Four Seasons Or Holland & Sherry Royal Mile

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