Ermenegildo Zegna

The house of Zegna

For more than a century, Maison Zegna has been developing its know-how to offer lighter, finer, softer fabrics … a true declaration of principles that conceals a methodical, almost manic research entirely devoted to the quality of fabrics .

The latter does not depend solely on the quality and the length of the fibers, but also on their softness, uniformity and resistance.

We were welcomed by Stefano Meriggi, European Director of Lanificio Zegna, in Trivero, the historic cradle of the Zegna House;

We have selected the finest fabrics, created exclusively for Premium Tailor Paris, for the sole purpose of satisfying our most demanding customers.

The strength of the House of Zegna is to control the production chain from the harvesting of the fibers to the realization of the most valuable draperies:

The Trivero workshops, constantly collaborating with the biggest fashion houses, are full of treasures worthy of prestigious museums.