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Photographie FOCUS produit sac en peau exotique

Highly detail oriented and keen to choose the best of every fine material used, Tailleur Premium Paris had no choice but to offer accessories that share the same vision, the same values.

This obsession for perfection and the desire to be at the service and listening to its customers logically led Tailleur Premium Paris to join a French expertise specializing in the design of exceptional leather goods.


Each and every Tailleur Premium Paris accessories is envisioned, conceptualized and hand-crafted in France. Either created on demand following clients’ requests or being the result of tanners’ imagination, each color has its own story. As a result, Tailleur Premium Paris successfully meets today’s luxury codes and clients’ expectations by offering customizable products whilst perpetuating the traditions of fine leather craftsmanship.


Fine material being the essence of high-end leather goods, Tailleur Premium Paris accessories are made from skins of exceptional quality. Two species are used: Alligator Mississipiensis and Crocodylus Niloticus.

Alligator mississippiensis (also known as American alligator) mainly come from the marshy areas of Louisiana and Florida, United States.



  • Crocodylus niloticus (also known as Nile crocodile) are the world’s largest crocodile. They can be 6m long.

Crocodile du Nil en Afrique

Each Tailleur Premium Paris accessory is entirely customizable – You can choose:

  • The leather: alligator is not the only material used. Most of our accessories are also available in calfskin, ostrich, shark, lizard, python and stingray. Those skin types also come in different colors (should you have a specific request, one of our advisors would contact you promptly in order to discuss both feasibility and availability)
  • The colour: we currently have a range of 1000 colors (350 in alligator) to choose from.
  • The finish: matt, shiny, special or water repellent
  • Initial hot embossing/stamping: one can choose to make a purchase even more personal by adding initials to it in blind, silver, or gold



Hand-crafted in France, each accessory can be delivered anywhere in the world within 4 to 8 weeks depending on both the complexity of the request and the colour choice which can obviously result in different lead times.

Each article sent out of Europe comes with CITES, a mandatory documentation arising from the Washington Convention about international trade of endangered species.


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