Our Artisan Bottier offers our customers the creation of the patina of their dreams by composing with them according to their desires:

1 / Tags, Engravings or any other creative motive emanating from their imagination.

Price: 100 € TTC

2 / We also offer a service of maintenance of your shoes, whatever their source: shoe polishing / glazing / shoe care à la carte in order to preserve and magnify the look of your shoes.

Price: 40 € TTC

3 / Our Artisan bottier also offers polish, patina, restoration, and to magnify all your leather accessories: belts / handbags / luggage / boots / ankle boots / leather goods…

Price: 50 € including tax for a belt.

Price: 150 € TTC (average leather goods, max size 30 × 30).

Price: 200 € TTC (large leather goods, size 60 × 60).

Large leather goods: service on estimate

4 / Any other services requested will be carried out on estimate.

5 / Your shoes may be deposited and other products whatever their origin, our Artisan takes care of everything.